Nikos Alexiou


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1960 geboren in Rethymnon auf Kreta
1982Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien
1984School of Fine Arts, Athen
2011gestorben in Athen

Solo Exhibitions

2017"THE END" / Françoise Heitsch, München
2010/11"outline" / Françoise Heitsch, München
2010"The sense of order" / curated by Paolo Emilio Antognoli Viti, Margini arte contemporanea, Massa
"San Marco di Venezia 2010" / Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athen
2007"The End" / curated by Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, Byzantinisches Museum, Thessaloniki
"The End" / Zoumboulaki Gallery, Athen
"The End" / Françoise Heitsch, München
"The End 1995-2007" / 52. Biennale in Venedig, griechischer Pavillon, curated by Y. Tzirzilakis, Venedig
2004Unlimited Contemporary Art, Athen
365 Art Project, Athen
2003Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki
Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athen
2002Gallery 3, Athen
2001Exervnitis, Athen
2000Alecton, Athen
Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki
1999Gallery 3, Athen
Tzamia Cristalla, Chania, Kreta
Gallery 3, Athen
1998Athens Art Gallery, Athen
1995Athens Art Gallery, Athen
1994Gallery 3, Athen
1992Athens Art Gallery, Athen
1989Gallery 3, Athen
1988ZM, Thessaloniki
1987Gallery 3, Athen
1985Desmos Art Gallery, Athen
1983Innsbrucker Werkstatt, Innsbruck

Group Exhibitions

2017“Antidoron“ / Documenta 14 / Fridericianum, Kassel
2009/10"Expanded Ecologies" / curated by Daphne Vitali, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athen
"Celestial Contrakt" / curated by Christina Mitrentse und Jonas Ranson, Schwartz Gallery, London
2009"Expanded Ecologies" / curated by Daphne Vitali, emst, Athen
2008/09"And now? Visual Arts in Greece" / State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
2008"HEDIYE" / Françoise Heitsch, München
"Games without Frontiers" / curated by T. Stathopoulos, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athen
2007"Recreation – Maid in Greece" / curated by T. Stefanidou, Greek Visual Artists, Parallelprogramm zur 1. Biennale of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki
"Disco Coppertone" / curated by Maria Thalia Karas & Sofia Tournikiotis, Locus Athens, OLP Piraeus

"The workshop" / curated by Maria Thalia Karas & Sofia Tournikiotis, Locus Athens, Zoumboulakis Gallery, Athen
2006"Architectural Transparencies" / ILEANA TOUNTA Athen
"The Scarecrow" / curated by Ο. Danyilopoulou, Institution E. Averof, Metsovo

 "Apolis" / Hellenic- American Union, Athen
"Totems of the City" / curated by T. Moutsopoulos, U-Bahn-Station, Chalandri, Griechenland
22. Winter Festival Sarajevo / curated by C. Petrinou, Hotel Evropa, Sarajevo
23. Biennale of Alexandria / curated by C. Petrinou, Benaki Museum, Athen
"The Scarecrow" / Institution E. Averof, Metsovo, Griechenland
"An Outing" / curated by S. Bahtsetzis, L. Beltsios Collection, Trikala, Griechenland
200523. Biennale of Alexandria / curated by C. Petrinou, Museum of Fine Arts, Alexandria, Ägypten
"A table" / Skoufa Art Gallery, Athen
"Mysteries and Miracles" / Photosynkyria, Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki
"Get some fresh art" / Astrolavos Art Gallery, Athen
"Drawings" / Parnassos Literary Society, Athen
2004365 Project Space / Athen
"Athens by Art" / curated by C. Petrinou, Athen
"ausderferne ausdernähe ausdermitte" / Europäisches Patentamt München & Françoise Heitsch, München
"Light Between" / Municipal Art Centre, Volos & Diana Gallery, Athen
"Breakthrough!" / curated by K. Gregos, Sala Alcala 31, D. Zacharopoulos, S. Papa, Madrid
2003Outlook International Exhibition / curated by Christos Joachimides, Athen
Deste Prize 2003 / Deste Foundation, Athen
"The Pioneers" / curated by D. Zacharopoulos, Beltsios Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
"Sketching out today, tomorrow and yesterday" / young greek artists, Macedonian
"Outlook" / curated by C. Joachimides, Athen
"Free Transit(!)" / curated by N. Argyropoulou, Zappeio, Athens & Porto Caras, Halkidiki, Griechenland
"Sketching Out Today, Tommorow, Yesterday" / curated by L. Tsikouta, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
"Outlook, Factory" / School of Fine Arts, Athen
2002"Sketching out Today. Tomorrow and Yesterday" / Averoff Art Gallery, Metsovo, Griechenland
2001Glossalgia Frissiras Museum, Athen
"Art Paris" / Athens Art Gallery, Paris
2000"P + P = D" / curated by Y. Tzirtzilakis, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
1999"P + P = D" / curated by Y. Tzirtzilakis, Deste Foundation, Athen
1998"Greek Artists – Quests 1950-2000" / curated by M. Marangou, Centre for Contemporary Art, Rethymnon, Kreta
1995"Alexiou-Varotsos-Totsikas-Tsoklis" / Mayia Tsoklis Gallery, Athen
1994International Meeting of Sculpture / Europäisches Kulturzentrum von Delphi, Delphi
1992"Spiral 1/12 Greeks" / Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid
1990"Borderline 80-90" / Municipal Art Gallery, Athen

"Itérations" / Fondation Danae, Pouilly, France

"2nd Minos Beach Art Symposium" / Minos Beach, Agios Nicolaos, Kreta
1988"5 Greek Artists - 30 Works" / curated by N. Misirli
, Salle de Conferance de la Communaute Europeenne, Brussels, & Laiterie Centrale, Strasbourg
"Meetings, Highlights, Conflicts" / curated by K.Stavropoulos, Municipal Gallery, Athen
1987"Jeune Sculpture 87/1" / Porte d´Austerlitz, Paris
3. Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists / Casa de la Caritat, Barcelona
19862. Biennale of Young Mediterranean Artists / TIF, Thessaloniki
19855. Biennale of Sculpture / Skironio Museum Polychronopoulos, Megara, Griechenland
1983UNICEF / Vienna Uno City, Wien